ReFest is not a conference. It is not a corporate gathering. It is a festival focussing on all that is great in the regeneration sector.


The 2013 event had a programme of speakers and panel sessions complemented by a host of interactive feature areas, and interspersed with a programme of delegate-generated content, bringing presentations on real projects from the length and breadth of the UK and beyond.

DSC04057It took place in a real-life ‘regeneration opportunity’ – UK Regeneration’s site in Lenton, Nottingham. The site, being a former school theatre, provided a superb venues for display, exchange, debate and discussion. It was an ‘unconference’ – The Re:Fest! team programmed just a small proportion of the available time and space, with the rest provided by the delegates.

ReFest is: 

  • SONY DSCPart conference – with a programme of speeches, seminars and workshops
  • Part gallery – where practitioners displayed posters of their projects
  • Part user-generated – with events organised by delegates using the festival venue
  • Part sharing experience – where practitioners from all over the country shared their learning, experience and expertise.
  • 100 % uplifting and reaffirming – as well as communicating excellence in practice, and providing a forum for debate on policy, it aimed to regenerate the regeneration community itself, providing sustenance and support, and giving its people renewed energy and determination.

DSC04098See a photo gallery or view the coverage generated of the event.

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